Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hand made bracelet

- I was welcomed today by a flower strung bracelet hand made my a second grader :)
- A 27 year old man asked if my 18 year old friend was single.. ehh awkward!
- I need some vix vapor rub very badly because this stuffed up nose is not bringing joy to my life.
- I decided that wearing a toe ring with tennis shoes is not comfortable.
- I really like Casey James's hair from American Idol. It is beautiful.
- Happy Birthday Mt. St. Helen's Eruption.
- My warts are coming back... curse thee warts! I'm thinking a new dermatologist is coming into the picture very soon.
- My body is beginning to turn tan, woohoo!
- In english class we are performing plays and I have to be a boy, well actually, an ugly male servant. Let me not forget to mention there are two kissing scenes. This shall be interesting!
- Justin Bieber will be on American Idol tomorrow night! Everyone tune in! Haha!
- It's 10:00 and I still need to pack my lunch for tomorrow.
- I want my future husband to sing this song to me...
- It's almost summer time. I'm okay with that.

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