Monday, May 3, 2010


I was going through my picture files at school and came across this magazine that I made in photo class last year. It made me laugh.

So many things happened today...
But I'm only going to talk about my fingers because they are so unhappy at the moment. Not only did they recieve more injections but also freezing today. Argg, hopefully this will be the last time!

Also, learning a dance to All the Single Ladies wasn't on my agenda for today but it happened. Yes, the prom royalty assembly won't be complete until I get to shake my booty on stage. Oh, I'm truly the definition of a white girl but it makes it all the more better.

Taking oreos from male mouths was also not on my agenda but that happened also. I got to play the musical chair/sit on a boy's knee and grab the cookie out of their mouth game. I lost to Kailee but that's okay cause she was a little intense for me, haha. It was senior night and it really hit me when we were watching a slide show at the end of the night that this is truly the end. That was the last real young life club that I'll ever go to as a senior. It will soon be the beginning to the second part of my life. Kind of scary...

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