Thursday, May 6, 2010

oh busy thursday

I never want to take another AP test in my entire life and the good thing is, I don't think I'll ever have to. My goal was to stay awake during the test and I somehow managed to fail in that area. The moment I sat down by eyes felt so heavy and I couldn't seem to keep them open. I've decided that when I don't want to do something my mind and body have this way of turning themselves off. It's been happening a lot lately, when I sit down to do homework or something of that sort. On the bright side, since I didn't need to take much to school my otter backpack Willie got to leave the house today!

After school I took pictures of my mom's students who were gone the last time I visited her classroom. They are such cuties!

The prom royalty assembly was tonight! It was such a blast. I'm just happy I remembered all of my Beyonce dance moves!

Oh, how could I forget! My new phone is up and running. I have some getting used to... I'm definitely not a pro at this keyboard typing yet.

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