Wednesday, June 16, 2010

katie dear

My morning started off with a wonderful coffee date with the one and only Katie Ellis. With my mocha in hand we sat and talked about life, guys, church.. the good stuff :) She is such a sweet girl who has big dreams and an insane amount of love for Jesus. I admire her.

I'm almost finished with my thank you cards. I kind of despise them!

Katie and I went to campaigners where Erwin lead the group and talked about living with Jesus as our Husband. We talked about what each of us find attractive in a soul mate but really.. it doesn't get any better than Jesus!

Then.. Katie helped me vacuum out my truck. I want it somewhat clean for Laurel and I's road trip on Friday. Gah, I can't wait for that! It didn't take long so we ended up ogling over adorable engagement pictures online! We both decided that adopting cute little black children is in store somewhere down the road.

Katie and I go way back to elementary school but we've just recently been talking again. She is such a beautiful girl and I'm so happy to say that we're friends! Thanks for a great day my friend! :)

I sadly didn't get a picture with her today. What was I thinking?

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Katie said...

I was JUST going to blog, oh no! we didn't take a picture! :( haha I love you girl I had so much fun!