Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Two

I opened my eyes to sunlight and quiet talk coming from the other tents nearby. Rolling out of my warm sleeping bag I unzipped the tent to find the sky cloudy and the air quite chilly. Sweatshirt it is. Cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast.. I admit I didn't brush my teeth. We packed our backpack chairs and headed over to the festival. Lakita Garth-Wright gave an amazing talk on "The Naked Truth About Sex". She used to be Miss California or Florida, I can't seem to remember and has modeled with Tyra Banks and has been a co-host on a huge television show. She's pretty much the big bucks but she lives her life completely for Jesus and was a huge inspiration. She made it clear that waiting for "Mr. Right" is completely worth it... To let God control your life and to give him everything will pay off and your match will come along when He wants him to. Sons of Day was the next concert. They are four brothers from Ukraine and the lead singer, Vladimir, is going to be my husband if I don't marry Seth from Needtobreathe, haha! Remedy Drive was next followed by part II from Lakita. The Classic Crime was definitely one of my favorite performances! Hillsong lead amazing worship and the Newsboys were incredible also. I've decided that I've never heard a bad live christian band before. They almost all sound better live than they do recorded.

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