Monday, August 30, 2010


Feeling my heartbeat pick up speed as my legs move through the air, my feet rolling along the pavement, I jogged around the neighborhood trying out my new running shoes. Something about brand new sneakers makes my toes go numb and the bottom of my feet burn. I'm not sure why and it's not the most pleasant feeling. My feet are very odd shaped though. My arch could be mistaken for the Gateway Arch. Anyways, hopefully my future running experiences will be painless!

My espresso maker has sat in the hall closet way too long so I whipped it out this morning. Carly and I read through all of the directions and made 4 shots. I poured half of it into a mug, added a little creamer and hello super strong coffee. It filled about 1/4 of my cup and I drank it like so. Not until Carly read on google that you have to add water or steamed milk to the shots did we actually make a decent cup to drink. I'm very glad I figured that out before I take it up to school with me. Actually, with the complexity of it this morning I'm not sure if I even want to drag it along.

Once again, the truck was full... Karli, Kailee and I headed out to the Pasco airport to welcome Victoria and Nicole home. Victoria was 3rd runner up for Miss America! It was fun to see everyone and welcome home such an amazing friend. Oh and while we waited, the Miss Washington Recruiting team was waiting for her arrival in the lobby as well so they tried to talk us into getting involved with the pageant. I was laughing inside. Never would you catch me up on stage being in a pageant. They were very kind though so I give them credit.

Lately, I've been very busy taking and editing pictures. I've spent a good portion sitting on my bed, making my butt go numb and editing photos. Engagement has been the project for today but I love it. Again I just find myself constantly smiling. Love is such a wonderful thing.

Before long it was time for my Aunt's family pictures. Seahawk football was the theme! Alex, my little cousin, was full of energy, like always! It made for entertainment and lots of repetitive snaps to get one where he was looking.

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