Thursday, August 26, 2010

tomorrow's a new day

Today was not the best day being a baby sitter. I used at least a quarter of gas driving around every possible place in the tri cities. The fair is officially one of my least favorite places to be. I like animals but not when tons of them are cooped up in cages completely covered in flies. To make it better I found a postcard from my best friend on my bed when I got home. Gosh, I sure do miss her.

I saw two of my favorite teachers today. They both have inspired me to be a better person and every time I see them I instantly feel refreshed. They give me hope that someday I could be that kind of teacher that will encourage kids to be something great.

God also blessed me with tons of butterflies today. Little white and black ones flying all over the place. He has surly created some beautiful things.

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