Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pullman, here we come!

Meryn and I packed up and took a trip to Pullman to visit Laurel. It's been three weeks since either of us have seen her and it's a much needed visit. She gave us a tour of the campus, showed us where she works and all the cool places. We walked around downtown and stopped in the neatest book store. They had an incredible amount of books everywhere. I even bought one! We then stopped at the park to play on the toys and some boys asked us to join their game of ultimate frisbee. It was fun, I worked up a sweat and then Laurel stepped in dog poo so it was time to exit. Youtube videos, a nap and dinner followed. We walked to the tennis courts, blasted some gangster music and danced while the boys next to us secretly enjoyed it. We rented the Backup Plan and sat on Laurel's super comfy bed while we ate ice cream sandwiches and drank chai tea. It was a great movie.. kept us all laughing the whole time. Fell asleep on the floor. Overall, a really awesome day. I've missed my best friend.

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