Friday, October 22, 2010

Life's Wonders

I took my psychology exam this morning. Not quite sure how it went but what can I do? Hopefully my hours of studying paid off.

Dylan took me to lunch this afternoon to his favorite Ellensburg restaurant. He knew the owners pretty well and they even gave us dum-dums with our meal. Without thinking I plopped the blueberry sucker into my mouth. Yes, my teeth, tongue and lips were bright blue. I think he thought it was pretty cute :)

Rubal and I then headed for home! I just love my house, everything about it. I've missed my parents and my friends and I'm so blessed to have to luxury of driving two hours to see them all.

Girls night at the Johnston's! It was so much fun and I love my friends so much. They are wonderful. Shasta, Kailee, Nicole and I took loads of pictures on Nicole's mac which made my abs sore from laughing! They are hilarious and I can't wait for them to be posted.

A lovely, fun filled day to say the least!

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