Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yakima. Glasses. Lots of Food. Pumpkins

Those four things could pretty much sum up my day. I think I should elaborate on them though...

First of all, it rained today. It was kind of peaceful but at the same time cold. I went to the gym after Geology class and an older man joined me on the elliptical machines to my right. He kept moving his hands around in the air and I was really confused until I glanced over to see that he was going through his sign language book. I giggled to myself but at the same time I kind of admired him because I would never practice sign language while on an elliptical.

Dylan and I made a trip to Yakima. He wanted some help picking out a new pair of glasses and we ran some other errands as well. He makes me laugh a lot and I enjoy spending time with him. Being serenaded every song that played in the car was also a nice touch to add to the day. We stopped at Sonic for dinner and spent $23. Only $5 of it was spent on me. Let me state the obvious.. he eats a lot, haha!

As soon as we returned from Yakima I went over to my small group. We carved pumpkins. Every year for as long as I remember I would carve hearts for eyes and a nose so I did it again. It made me happy thinking about all of the times I've done that in the past. Now, it will sit outside my dorm room in the hall to rot. Lovely.

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