Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just What I Needed.

I admit, I've developed feelings for a guy who is not good for me. I've already become somewhat attached and now I'm being pushed away. Why does this happen? Why do we want things we can't have? I'm beginning to feel like I'm never going to be good enough for a guy.. for a marriage. There is always something that I do or say that makes them run in the other direction.

Thank you salt..
I needed this message. It spoke right to my heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Matthew 5:8

When we're purely focused on God it makes since that we'd see him. We're looking in his direction. Having a divided heart won't allow us to see him.. all we'll get are glances here and there. We have to put down our idols and I admit that my idols have been guys.. looking for the potential husband everywhere I go and doing my best to be the pretty girl that catches their eye. How in the world can I be singularly focused on God with those things constantly running through my head. When we let go of our idols we can see God and love others the way he intends us to.

I was reassured tonight that I am beautiful in God's eyes. If I'm not beautiful in the eyes of one guy on this planet, that's okay because I have the most important thing in the world to tell me I'm His everyday.


jayanah morad said...

Jess, i kinda had the same experience and it's really good reading about yours because, what you said in the end was the best, yesterday someone told me something mean and i just responded saying, " you may not like me, but i know that God loves me" and it just felt good, so don't beg anyone, i know it's hard, don't run after anyone, just forgive and forget! love ya!

jessi said...

Thanks Jay! That means so much to me. You are so beautiful how you are and God surly does love you. I miss you a ton!