Monday, January 25, 2010

give me wings, give me peace.

5:30 greeted me with a much warmer welcome than 4:30 has. It was such a relief waking up knowing I won't have chemistry homework anymore. It was the first day the freshmen were in ASB class and I just love them all. They are 5 wonderful, beautiful girls and I am so excited to get to know them this next semester. To celebrate their first day we had waffles, strawberries and whip cream.. gosh it was delicious. We started watching Los Miserables by Victor Hugo in English class today. I really like it so far. I can tell that there will be a love story along the lines of poverty, unfairness, and miserable lives. Today was the fist day of Contemporary World Problems instead of Government class. I couldn't be more excited about that either. I would much rather discuss issues of our world than study a complicated government system. My dad sent me an article about the make of the motorcycle we are putting together. I'm so pumped to get it all together and running! Laurel and I were discussing our future plans of photoshoots with our bikes and leather jackets, hehe. Tomorrow is my fist guitar lesson and I'm slightly nervous. I'm not quite sure why cause I know how to play a little bit, it's not like I'm completely clueless. I just need to have a little confidence, I know it will be great!

Good songs:
Salt in the Snow - The Classic Crime
Unity - Trevor Hall featuring Matisyahu
Other Ways - Trevor Hall
Something Beautiful - Need to Breathe

Let the prophet who has a dream tell his dream, but let the one who has my word speak it faithfully. -Jeremiah 23:28

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