Sunday, January 24, 2010

let's all make a blog.

Started watching Julie & Julia today. Didn't finish it cause it's a school night. It is such a cute movie so far. Julie is making a 365 blog and I thought it was so cool to see a movie about the same thing that I'm doing.
I totally tooted out loud at yoga today. I honestly never thought that day would come. I got 24 comments and 9 "likes" about it on facebook though!
I officially decided that I'm not a fan of celery & peanut butter.
Ate some bacon today and actually enjoyed it, for the most part.
Bought an outfit (leather jacket, jeans and t-shirt, oh yea!) for only $41.00 at TJ Max.
Spend the whole day with Laurel. It was really awesome. I didn't have one thing I "had" to get done.
Wore my Toms!
Had a straight shot view to my secret crush at church ;)
Realized from the sermon that time alone does not heal a broken heart.
23 days 'till my 18th birthday.
Can't wait for summer... honestly, it couldn't come sooner.
No more chemistry class! Whooooop!
Used the word exquisite about ice cream.
Gets to sleep in an extra hour in the morning.
Way past my bed time...

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Kathrine LeAnn said...

I saw this and thought it was pretty cute. Actually reminded me of you when I saw the 365 Blog! :) Your blog is by far the cutest ever. You must teach me your ways to make my blog look better! :D