Wednesday, January 27, 2010

love never fails.

Welcome to my garage. Or should I say welcome to my dad's man cave. Close your eyes and imagine a jump rope spinning rapidly underneath your feet, the smell of oil and motorcycle exhaust, cold air surrounding your skin except for the occasional stream of hot air coming from the ceiling heater when you jump into it's path, Cascada filling your eardrums, trying to avoid the puddles on the floor from yesterday's weather. Welcome to my work out area for the last couple of days. I have become very lazy when the thought of going to the court club comes to mind. If I'm not going for yoga, I'd rather not go at all. I suppose getting sweaty at home is more appealing. I'm secretly hoping for warm weather in the very near future so I can run outside and enjoy the beauty God created for me to see.

Speaking of a garage, where the car is kept... I really enjoy when One Less Lonely Girl comes on in the car. For some reason it makes me happy. Even though Justin is like 12 years old it gives me a feeling that one day I'll be one less lonely girl in this world.

Have you ever heard of Well now you have, and that means you need to check it out. Type that baby in your browser and listen to a Trevor Hall playlist. Wonderful music will fill your ears.

The State of the Union speech was on tonight. I'm not happy with Obama's plans for this Country but then again, is anybody? Thank goodness Brown was elected.. he has turned the tide a little bit. I just have to remember, God is in control. I need to pray for the higher authority in this world and just have faith that God's plan is the best and only way it's going to be.

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