Thursday, January 28, 2010

angry flower

I don't know about you but this flower looks like it wants to bite my head off. I find it to be a very pretty flower but when you look at it a certain way, it seems to have a face and a quite disturbed one.

I went to Kennewick High School with Breanna Phillips today during lunch time to talk to a group of students who might be interested in CIE. It was fun, we got pizza and just shared our experiences so far being in the class. After school I went over to Gregg's house again to have my guitars tuned. For some reason I lack the ability to do that, haha. It's quite sad I know. I went to yoga with Emilee and Carson, her brother. It was rather entertaining trying to take him seriously. And by the way, I didn't toot this time! Whew!

The weekend is soon... time to get those scholarships filled out!

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