Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, take a good look at my room. It is simply a disaster. I have things everywhere. It is clear that I am a pack rat and I need to change that. I could start by taking the dishes to the kitchen, hehe.

Carly called me the other day and told me to listen to the sermon from Mars Hill Church that she goes to in Seattle. It was amazing! One of the best sermons I've ever heard. It was on Jesus and Demons. I recommend everyone listen to it. If you go to itunes and find podcasts, type in Mars Hill Church and find the one by Pastor Mark Driscoll on Luke: Jesus and Demons. He talked about how real demons are and how much greater Jesus is. Jesus is our Shepard, pastors are under shepards and we, the people, are sheep. Satan loves to send wolves to attack us. Even though Satan attacks us he is only capable of attacking one person. He has demons, but a few amount. They can only attack a limited amount of people and the cool thing is, Jesus is constantly with us. He can be by everyone's side at the same time. Satan and his little helpers can't even come close to how majestic our Master God is. I downloaded the sermon for free onto my itouch and listened to it while I jogged around the neighborhood. Even though it was cold, I wasn't getting goosebumps from the frigid air, it was because of the true and amazing words pastor Mark talked about.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3


Casey Singleton said...

Great insight! Mark's podcasts are the best. I've been listening to his book "Religion Saves" for the past week. Blowing my mind!

jessi said...

He is an honest man and his words are just so inspiring. I'll have to check out that book!