Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i'm dreaming in red

I'm really hoping a ton of people go see this movie this weekend. I found out it will be in the theater until March 4th though so I'll be able to see it when I get back from Breakaway this weekend. I decided to go.. it will probably be my last young life camp I'll ever attend as a high schooler. How crazy is that! Only 4 more months left. Eeeek. It's coming so fast!

My dad and I drove to Pasco after he got off work to look at a tool box for my truck and it is now sitting in my truck bed. It's exactly what I've been wanting. Black, diamond plate, wahooo. We then headed over to a guy's house who sold my dad a dirt bike helmet for a great deal. We definitely scored tonight! We went to Bruchees for dinner and I had a way to big sandwich. I ate the whole thing, even though I was about to explode. I rushed over to campaigners and filled my stomach with chocolate cake and banana bread. Will I ever have self control?

Two more days until the ocean... just what I need.

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Casey Singleton said...

Stoked for this movie! I'm having the same issue; my dad made me a batch of my favorite cookies before he left. The balance of loving your body and the warmth goodies bring to your soul is a hard one indeed. haha