Tuesday, February 9, 2010

field trip!

My CIE class left after lunch for Olympia. We are going to be touring the Capitol building tomorrow. We arrived at the mall around 5:00 and spent 2 hours and 45 minutes shopping and milling around. Breanna and I bought matching shirts from Wet Seal and American Eagle for $2.00 each. We also found amazing scarves at Hollister for only $5.00. Originally $50.00. We scored big time! We had subway for dinner and had coconut and pomegranate self serve frozen yogurt for dessert. We fit 5 people into one of those photo booths. That was quite the experience! When we got to the hotel, my room buddies, Toni and Breanna and I watched The Biggest Loser. That was the first time I'd seen the show and I am definitely a fan of Sunshine. We all feel asleep watching the television. Tomorrow will be a big day...

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you, you're the greatest dad in the world!

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