Monday, February 8, 2010


I had salad for dinner. It consisted of lettuce, string cheese, yellow peppers and edamames. Quite delicious. Young Life started back up tonight. It was a blast. Everyone wore white shirts and we colored each other with highlighters. Of course the only lights we had were black lights. It was so stinking awesome! I'm not really in the mood for writing tonight so I'm going to keep it short. I'm going on a field trip with my CIE class tomorrow. We will be visiting Olympia and will be back on Wednesday. Hopefully I'll get some nice pictures to share. Goodnight.


Laurel.Elise. said...

omg i just looked up worship, and JOHN MARK MCMILLAN is going to be on the worship stage! he's the original "how he loves" guy who we watched that intense video about...omgoshomgoshomgosh :)

jessi said...

ahhhhhhhhhh we need to buy our tickets NOWWWW! i can't wait, holy smokes!