Thursday, February 25, 2010

stories that shape you.

Story time: At my intern today, Lincoln asked me to go out to recess with him. I gladly agreed and we found some other boys to play four square with. We were getting pretty into the game and completely missed the 2nd grade bell. We ended up being late to class and walked into the room to everyone else working on math. Oops.

In the last couple of days I've come to realize that:
- I don't need a night light anymore. I'm a big girl now.
- I don't ever want to have bangs again.
- Blowing up a tea bag is possible.
- I probably need to find my own guitar so I don't have to borrow other peoples.
- It would be really nice to be able to sing decently. Voice lessons next.
- Free podcasts are the bomb.
- I'd like to get married wearing Toms, of course my husband will wear them too.
- My packing abilities are pathetic.

I almost got in a car accident today. It involved Josh Thornton's, Kylee Coleman's and my car almost colliding together. I ended up with shaky legs walking into school because of it. I heard on 93.3 one morning that they have never heard of anyone getting in a car accident while worshiping. I would like to say that I was worshiping and therefore we were safe from having an accident. Josh and I talked about it on the way to first hour. I felt God holding me in his hand. He keeps his promises like no one else. He will always keep us safe.

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Casey Singleton said...

Me and you both. I only packed one pair of underwear for a four day retreat two weeks ago.....Fail..