Saturday, February 13, 2010

To Save A Life

Please watch this movie trailer. This movie was written by a youth pastor. It has changed hundreds of lives. The thing is... to bring the movie to our town we have to get 1,000 signatures proving that we want it to be shown in our theaters. Brianna Brannon had the idea and now has turned into a passion to bring this movie to the Tri-Cities. She asked me to help her and with a little research about the movie it has become a passion of mine as well. It is our goal to advertise and get students and parents excited to watch this movie and we're praying hard that it will touch people's hearts in ways that they never would have imagined.

Did you know?

- Depression strikes about one out of eight teenagers.
- About 1.5 million children experience the divorce of their parents each year.
- 14 to 39% of teens have had at least one incident of deliberate self injury.
- Suicide is the third leading cause of death among 10 to 19 year olds.

On the To Save A Life website there is a page of testimonials from people who have watched the movie. Every single one of them gave me goosebumps while I was reading them. Here are a few:

Victor - My life was going good and I was trying to put God first. But really there was a lot of sin in my life that I was hiding and repeating. I didn't realize how I was hurting God. I then decided to study the Bible and learn more about God and what it takes to become a disciple. And during that time my friend died in an accident and then my dog died. That really made me think about my life and how short it is. And then later I injured my ankle and I was in a cast, which stopped me from playing basketball. It really helped me to learn to focus more on God. I think all those difficulties that happened helped me to grow stronger in him. Then I decided to give my life to Christ and I was baptized and I became a Christian.

Taylor - Our youth group had a high school lock in so we could all go see To Save A Life together. I thought that I would have no one to connect to in the movie. I was really wrong. I could connect to almost every character in a certain way. No, I've never wanted to kill or cut myself, but it was a perfect representation of my high school and what my friends go through every day.This movie and book has changed my youth group, school, and me. It has thought us that the smallest actions can change someones life physically and eternally. For this I'm grateful.

If you watch the movie trailer and believe that this movie can change hearts and make an impact on our community please share the information with friends. Send them the link to the trailer and feel free to let me know what you think!

Some people are just dying to be heard.