Friday, February 19, 2010

you and i both.

'Cause you and I both loved, what you and I spoke of, and others just read of, others only read of the love...

This song, You and I both (Live) by Jason Mraz, just came on Pandora while I was sitting on the floor in my room. A thousand memories just came flooding back to my mind... I'll never forget standing on the floor in the Rose Garden in Portland looking directly at Jason Mraz 20 feet away from me. Tommy's arm was around my waist and we were squished in the middle of hundreds of fans screaming and singing along. We were both singing and laughing, marveling that we were in the middle of reality and not dreaming. I was hungry, me legs and back hurt from standing for so long, and I kept getting bumped around but at that moment I was completely and utterly happy. "Well I'm almost finally out of, I'm finally out of, finally de de de de de de, well I'm almost finally, finally out of words." Words couldn't describe the way I felt at that exact time of my living. After those words escaped our mouths, Tommy and I looked at each other and everything was right in the world. I had a best friend at my side and nothing could take away the joy of being where I was. Laurel told me I'm not allowed to be a Taylor (meaning that I write about all the boys who have broken my heart), and this is certainly not for that purpose. I was reminded of a joyful time and I felt like writing it down.

The Kamiakin vs. Richland boys basketball game was intense tonight! We ended up losing but they played great. Too bad the refs sort of ruined it for us. I went to Laurel's house after the game and we finished watching Julie & Julia. It's such a cute movie and it made me want to cook something, not with raw meat though! We surfed the net and came across some pretty hilarious things. We had some dang good laughs.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together...

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