Sunday, March 28, 2010


Seattle Aquarium. I recommend this to anyone if you'd like to have a good time! My almost 20 year old sister, parents and I were surrounded by little kids and babies the whole time. I honestly don't know why anyone would take a 2 year old to the aquarium. They have no idea what's going on anyways. Anyways, we had a great time looking at all of the crazy interesting fish but the best part was the otters! They are officially my favorite animal. They are downright adorable and are just so happy all the time. A guy standing next to us was wondering out loud why God didn't make him an otter. Haha, I'd have to say that being one of those furry creatures would be quite wonderful. Did you know they spend 30% of the day cleaning themselves? Yep, they've got to keep themselves looking pretty. We made our way through the rest of the aquarium only to end up in the gift shop. I found otter backpacks and we couldn't resist! My dad bought them for Carly and I. My mom asked if it was nice being in 5th grade again, haha. I named my little guy Willie and Carly's is Roland. Oh man, they are just so great! I can't wait to stuff him full and take him somewhere. We spent some more time just wandering through the little shops and then dropped Carly off at her dorm. When we were walking in we came across Carly's friend Tore who was playing the piano. He doesn't know how to read music but can play George Winston by memory. He simply has a gift and I could truly sit and listen to him all day. And back on the road we went. I got my 3 and a half hour nap, took a walk with my parents when we got home and had a bowl of cereal for dinner. Carly's other friend Joel was talking about how excited he was for the show Life and we watched it tonight! It is unbelievable how people capture video and pictures of these animals. It also goes to show how amazing and different every animal in the world is and how evolution is absolutely absurd. I think that everyone should watch this show sometime in their lifetime! It's on the Discovery channel!

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