Tuesday, March 30, 2010

day 2 of spring break

It is Spring Break and I spent most of my day doing homework. That is lame, but I finished most of it so now I won't have to worry the rest of the week. The second not fun thing that took place was taking a trip to the immunization place. I had to get my last shot for Hepatitis A or B, I can't remember. The lady stabbed the shot into my arm and I'm not joking about that. She did everything so fast she missed the spot when she put the little circle band-aid on and I was surprised I didn't get any blood on my shirt. You'd think that people in that profession would have a little bit more sympathy and would have gentle actions but nope, not this one.

Noah and Casey picked me up and we took a little adventure to VV in hopes of finding a beanie for Noah. That was a fail but we picked up Kevin instead. Plus who buys a hat at Value Village? Talk about lice! After Panda's drive through, watching Noah eat in Starbucks, a quick drive to let Kipper out, stop at Rite Aid, and then Safeco? No Walgreens, well another store that had rice crispy ingredients, we finally made our way to Casey's house. We attempted to make marshmallow squares and ultimately burnt them. They turned brown but were still eatable. Casey made the most delicious fresh fruit juice I've ever tasted! I really need to get myself one of those juice making machines. Prince of Egypt anyone? Yep, that movie was soon in the VCR and running. It's been a long time since I've seen that but it never gets old.

I saw angels fall down at the glory of the Lord, and as I raised my hands I sing, I saw angels fall down at the glory of the Lord and as I hit the ground I sing.

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