Monday, March 22, 2010

sky view

Today was senior skip day and I'm proud to say that I went to school. Let's try again in May shall we? I decided that today should be a greet day so Kailee and I arrived at school a bit earlier than usual and stood at the front gate to say good morning to the grumpy heads. It's surprising how many people don't even look up when you intentionally say something to them. But hey, all we can do is be happy and hope it wears off. The day flew by pretty quickly and before I knew it I was at my intern. I haven't been there in what seems like weeks so I was so happy to see the kids. I worked with Vanessa on math today. She is a struggler and today she was getting it! I was giving her high fives all around and getting a little too excited when she put three numbers in order from greatest to smallest. We had fun and it made me even more excited thinking about being a teacher someday.

After school I had another "finger" doctors appointment. They injected me again and now my fingers have heartbeats in them. Let me tell you, a shot in the middle of your palm is not a pleasant feeling. Hopefully this will do the trick and I'll be 100% wart free in the very near future!

Looking out the window I realized that it was way too lovely outside to be cooped up indoors so I grabbed my blanket, bible, journal, and camera and planted myself in the grass in the back yard. I put my bible under my head for a pillow, closed my eyes and just listened. I heard: a bee buzzing past my ear, cars driving by, the soft breeze rustling the leaves, a wind chime, car music, a car door shut, all different types of birds chirping, dogs barking and leaves hitting the ground. These all seem like typical everyday noises right? Well they are, but at the same time they are precious gifts from God. He didn't have to give us these things but he wanted to. He wanted us to hear them and think about them. He wanted to give us life and let us simply hear life. It was a good reminder that there is life outside of "me." Too easily I tend to get wrapped up in my life like nothing else matters, but it does. The bee that buzzed by my ear and the person driving the car that went by... they matter. They are precious gifts from God and I need to go out and hear from more of what He's created. On another note, I decided that I am going to read Ecclesiastes. Laurel has been talking about it and she always tells me the great things she gets from it so now I'm going to read about how everything is meaningless :) Reading the introduction these wisdom counsels really got me: 1) Accept the human state as it is shaped by God's appointments and enjoy the life you have been given as fully as you can. 2) Don't trouble yourself with unrealistic goals - know the measure of human capabilities. 3) Be prudent in all your ways - follow wisdom's leading. 4) "Fear God and keep his commandments" (12:13). These four guidelines pretty much sum up how we should live our lives and I needed to hear it.

The later part of the day was filled with great conversations with friends I love. There is nothing better than sitting in a circle and talking about our lives and what makes us happy. I am one blessed and fortunate girl to be surrounded by such wonderful people all the time.

To end my eventful day, Laurel and I had a good talk on the phone. I always love hearing her hilarious play by play stories from the day. She laughed at my raspy voice and I knew she was jealous ;)

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