Sunday, March 21, 2010

lovely mess

So here is my newly cleaned closet. It still looks like a hurricane just blew through but I managed to sweep out two full garbage bags so I'm happy with the outcome. Oh and that tacky yet strangely beautiful thing on the right is my $10 prom dress! Laurel and I found it last summer and both decided it was a keeper so we each pitched in five bucks for the purchase.

I enjoyed two church services today! First at Bethel... pastor Dave never ceases to deliver a message with such genuineness. Next came Erwin's sermon which also spoke to my heart. It reminded me of how much I need to continue to reach out to those in need and the ones who may not be the most liked or easy to be around. I have friends who are strictly "church" people. They look at others who may not be "godly" and they turn away. Those are the ones we need to touch and share ourselves with. Jesus searched out the hurt and weary and he befriended them like nothing was different about his flesh from the one in front of him. That is how I want to be. Erwin reawakened that passion in my heart this morning. Just because some people don't sit in front of the palace in rich clothes and sipping their iced mochas doesn't mean they don't deserve to know the truth and be loved.

Laurel tapped me on the shoulder during church and handed me a tea bag. It was cute. I proceeded to drink it during discipleship and it was quite delicious, although it did smell like bubble gum. We discussed chapter 3 of Esther for a little while but I had to leave early to finish my third Hamlet essay. Ugh, just shoot me now. I can't wait for this english class to be over! Took a target run with my mom and found a $3.74 shirt! That is definitely my kind of shopping. Had dinner with my parents and watched some insanely disturbing, creepy detective shows on the tele. Remind me never again to watch Criminal Minds!

Tomorrow is school and then a lovely day off!

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Laurel.Elise. said...

I just read "$3.74" "three point seven four" aaaaaahahahahaha i'm such a nerddd