Thursday, March 4, 2010


I woke up this morning with red, puffy, hurting eyes from crying for 7 hours the night before. I made it until 2nd hour until I lost it again. There is something about being left alone that brings peace when you're hurting. When you start getting a million overwhelming, "are you okay?" questions, is when it all comes crashing down. I got a hug from that one unexpected person today. It gave me hope that we can fix everything that went up in flames. At least, that's my hope.

My teacher gave me a sticker at my intern today. Strawberry Shortcake, what a cutie. She said I get one cause "I'm a good girl." Oh, how I love elementary school.

I did some hill sprints today for my workout. Only four though. That was my max before I wanted to keel over. It felt good, to put all of my emotions in giving all I had to run as fast as I could up a hill. The sun was shining, and I had to squint. Perfection. The only thing I didn't like about being outside was that I heard every dog's bark in the neighborhood except for my own. Oh how I would give anything to hear Daisy welcome me when I got home from school. It felt so strange and empty coming home to a house where she's been to say hello for the last 13 years as I walk through that front door.

Star Search was quite awesome tonight. We have some very talented people at Kamiakin. I wish I could dance like Victoria, Nicole and Jaxon and sing like Sadie and Kaylee. Man, they have gifts. But I have gifts too... they are just different and unique to who I am. I have only God to thank for them.

Bella, my kitty, layed down on Daisy's bed which never happens. She misses her too. We all would like to have our dog back.

Well, tomorrow is Friday. I'd really enjoy playing some guitar and doing not much of anything else. Maybe that will happen, we'll have to see. Goodnight.

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