Friday, March 5, 2010

life motto

I'm thinking that I have a summer job as of today. I went and hung out with the kids at Calvary Chapel's daycare. One of the ladies will be gone over the summer on maternity leave and they are looking for someone else to fill her place. The lady sounded pretty promising that it would work out for me. I'm really excited except that it is insanely strict. I was talking to my mom about it though and I guess that's how all daycare's are. Anything for the safety of the kids right?

Laurel and I hiked up Badger today. It was a beautiful, sunny hike. When we don't hang out for a couple days we just talk and talk and talk. There are always endless amounts of stories and I love it. We did 8 minute abs and I think I got a better workout from laughing at Laurel's face than I did from the video.

Meagan McKinney, my long lost friend that is going to school in New York now is home for the next couple of days. We went out to ice cream tonight and had a great time discussing current relationships of every high schooler and freshmen in college that attended Kamiakin. I had a German chocolate blizzard, mmm it was delicious. I would recommend to anyone.

I'm almost done uploading all of my breakaway pictures to facebook. Whew, it has taken me a week to get it all done. I guess that's what I get for taking 400 pictures.

Life motto: I'll follow you into the world, I'll meet the needs for the poor and the needy, God.

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c.streck said...

I'm so jealous megs got to come home and you got to see her!!!!! Tell her hi for me if you see her again. I wish I could come home and hang out with you. But instead I'm stuck here on a boat. Miss you lots also if you have time a pretty cool blog is bohemian hellhole. I know the name is super weird but they have some pretty cool art stuff I think you would like. You should call me if you have time!