Wednesday, March 17, 2010

waffles and dresses

Today was a dress day, all around. I put on my little stripped summer dress complete with pockets and my pink loafers. Yes, I wore pink haha. That never happens. I dropped off some goodies at school for the Classified individuals and then headed over to Laurel's for breakfast. We made Belgian waffles with strawberries, blueberry syrup, whip cream and in Laurel's case, sprinkles. I thoroughly enjoyed them while sipping on my cup of coffee. Laurel and I both decided that a NeedToBreathe concert would be way better than Prom. They are on the same night and we have some deciding to do. I have the perfect dress and shoes already... $10 specimen at Value Village and some hand me down shoes. Perfect. Or... epic concert with my best friend for 16 bucks? Sometimes decisions can be so hard to make! I left for school and pretty much did nothing all day. I just sat and thought about all of the English homework I have for the weekend. I think I'm going to throw a party the day that class is over. On another note, L-dawg and I decided that we need to work on our beach bods a little bit, or a lot! Ha, we ate bananas in the hot tub the other day and made a plan to eat only healthy food. I ate 3 cookies, a brownie and ice cream today. Total failure on my part. Today is a new day, someone ask me what I ate tonight please! Maybe that will keep me feeling guilty if I eat a sugary piece of goodness. I went for a jog after school, running to Sanctus. The words of their songs are so true and relevant to my life and they really keep me thinking about how I go through my days and where my heart truly is. These questions got my head turning in circles...

Why am I so afraid of the dark but I stray from the light?
Why did you give me eyes when faith is how I see?
Is it easier to doubt or harder to believe?
Why does success make us feel like failures?
Why is it that the harder we fall the harder we try?
Why is it that the more that I have the more I need?

We spend so much time chasing these worldly things and take our focus off of the whole point of life. I know I do, it happens every day. I guess I really don't have much else to say about it... All I know is that I need to look straight ahead to the Father who has given me light, faith, and a chance to believe. I want to see through faith and not by sight. I shouldn't be afraid of the dark because I know that I'm surrounded by the light. Just something to think about I suppose...

I took another shower. Two in one day = a waste of water and I know it. I got ready for a Semi-Formal Dessert night at South Hills Church. It was a lovely evening, filled with limo rides, improv commedy, life stories, worship and good times with friends. I wore more make-up than I have in a long while and my eyes wanted to kill me. Mascara is the ultimate worst thing to wash off at the end of the day. Who even created such a thing?

Well my feet are cold and I want to crawl in bed, nighty night!

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