Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yet To Come

Climbing Badger today was a great break to my endless hours of writing papers. My mom and I had a good conversation about the new earth and when Jesus is going to reign in Jerusalem. It is a marvelous sight, to close my eyes and picture myself hanging out with Jesus face to face. The image of Him and I just lounging in big comfy chairs laughing and telling each other stories fills my mind. It's kind of crazy to think of how much people, including myself, need to impress others with our appearances and outward actions. We are only here on earth for a tiny amount of time compared to the 1,000 years of being completely and utterly perfect and on top of that spending eternity with Jesus. So why do I let the small unimportant things in life take a hold of my every thought and action? If it's not being done for Jesus than there is no point what so ever. Why waste our time trying to perfect ourselves when Jesus will just make us perfect in the very near future? I'm not sure if any of this is making sense but I just can't seem to fathom how truly incredible it will be to be able to hug Jesus and actually see his face, his hair, his feet, his beard (if he has one)and just look at him with my own two eyes. The lyrics of the song Yet to Come by Danyew fit perfectly with what we talked about today.

The cry of my heart is to bring you praise.

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Casey Singleton said...

This is awesome! Wait....God is awesome, so this....this is great. Wait God is great, so this is.....really good. Wait... dang!

Sometimes in worship I imagine a huge white dome surrounding Jesus. In it, all of heaven is singing their hearts out! One of my better mental pictures of how I could imagine it. Gonna be sweet!!!!!!!!