Sunday, April 18, 2010

essays galore

- Church & interviewed Shelly, one of my parent's friends who is a sign language interpreter. She is such a positive and full of life lady.
- Nice run around the neighborhood in the amazing weather.
- Discipleship - Erwin led a really great study on stress and giving everything up to God because he will work in our lives for the best. I sure am so thankful for both Christina and Erwin. They have given us young life kids so much, I love you guys.
- Homework - another essay. This time it's on why art, music and physical education should be kept in schools. It's so much easier to write an essay on something you're interested about.
- Pizza & ice cream for dinner.
- Tried to find something somewhat dressy/professional to wear tomorrow. I'm giving a Junior Achievement lesson and I have an interview. Wish me luck!
- Where did the weekend go? Tomorrow is Monday already...

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