Saturday, April 17, 2010

Central Visit

Today was Wildcat day, so my parents and I took a trip up to Central. We listened to a seminar thing on the Education Program and then on Study Abroad. It made me so excited to start college and be a part of those things! I found the dorm I want to live in so tomorrow I'll whip out the form to request it.

Returning home my mom and I went for a walk in the pleasantly warm weather, ate another bowl of cereal for dinner (we've been doing that a lot lately, haha) and then came the dreadful essay. I finally finished writing about Wislawa Szymborska and her poetry. My mom insisted on taking a break from homework and we had some pomegranate, mango sherbet while watching Fringe.

Now I'm thinking it's bed time.

P.S. 5 days...

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