Wednesday, April 28, 2010

matthew 6:26

Look at the birds of the air,
for they neither saw nor reap nor gather into barns;
yet your heavenly father feeds them.
Are you not of more value than they?

I had the privilege to worship with Ember Days, Brandon Bee and Esterlyn tonight.

Love never fails. Jesus is so faithful in bringing children out of poverty through the sponsorship that generous people give. The lead singer of Esterlyn had an amazing story about his experience in changing a life. His sister and brother in law adopted a baby girl from China who was abandoned on a doorstep by her birth parents. She brought so much joy to each member of their family that the band was named after her. Esterlyn. He also has sponsored a little boy from India named Deva Kumar for the last 10 years. Luke Caldwell, the lead singer of Esterlyn has visited him three time and felt God calling him to do something more so he started a program called Eye on the Sparrow to raise awareness about the amazing privilege people can have in sponsoring a child. I just love hearing stories like this.. they are a clear reminder that God is huge and working everywhere. He is truly an amazing, wondrous God who saves.

I <3 Jesus Christ!

On the way home from the concert, Laurel's beast of a car decided to make some nasty, unhealthy sounds. We pulled into the sun mart parking lot to check it out. She proceeded to open every door, the trunk and the hood. To her pleasure, a new camero pulled up as well and asked us if we needed help. Let's just say that made her pretty happy :) Hands that smelled of oil? Check! A fixed up car? Hopefully!

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Casey Singleton said...

T-Shirt making sesh should go down real soon. Also, I think your band idea could make for some good times.