Saturday, April 3, 2010


- Woke up, ate a bowl of cereal.
- Looked out the window, not pleased with the wind.
- Wrote an essay with the help of my mother :) on Equitan and how his passion for a mistress lead him to his death.
- Went for a walk in the gusty wind.
- Made a bracelet out of yarn. Great idea... they dry fast and are more comfortable on the arm.
- Took a shower and managed to get a huge blob of soap in the left eye. I don't remember the last time that has happened. Not pleasant.
- Can't stop watching this video. Shine On - NeedToBreathe. My favorite part of the song happens at 3:24.
- Practiced a few songs on the ol' guitar.
- My mother gave me a little piano lesson. I'm learning 9 Crimes by Damien Rice. Such beautiful music.
- Talked to Laurel, finally! I haven't seen her in over a week and I miss her so much!
- Ate some yogurt, string cheese, an apple and a banana for dinner.
- Couldn't get to the door fast enough when the doorbell ran. A big hug from my best friend awaited me. She brought me back a beautiful blanket and bracelet from Arizona. Oh how I never want to leave her.
- Made some tea and waited for Casey, Noah and Kevin to pick us up.
- Upon arriving at Casey's house Jared joined and we decided that the roof would be a good place to hang out so up we went. A billion blankets and pillows later we were all nestled together with our faces turned towards the stars.
- Many many laughs and stories took place. I've really enjoyed spending so much time with these boys this last week. They are all amazing men of God and they've taught me a lot about life in general.
- Casey made wonderful juice again and we had the pleasure of watching 2 cups role off the roof. The second one shattering to pieces and producing rolls of laughter!
- After we all cuddled for a couple hours, Casey took Laurel and I back to my house. A quick hug took place and then she was off in the camero.
- Today was such a lovely day. I wouldn't trade it for anything.