Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Oh, what a day!
Surprise birthday celebration for Mr. Bisson today. We all brought so much junk food... I made myself feel sick all day. Those dang cookies! I took a trip to the flower farm after school to get some prices on trees. I was there for about an hour. A simple question about a tree turned into a life lesson on world wide epidemics, how girls who wear too much mascara are easy, how it's great that more Hispanics are coming to the US but yet they need to learn English (does that even make sense?), and how different the governments were in other countries back in the day. I got into a pretty heated discussion with the shop owner about wanting to teach in a dual language classroom so I can help students who need the extra help in both languages. He thought that was just ridiculous but I got my point across and he told me I did a great job debating my view! Because of it, I even walked away with a job application because Mr. Flower Farm owner said I pretty much had an interview with my debate. Haha, I got a smile out of that. I went for a jog and came across a cute little boy and girl selling lemonade. I was sad I didn't have any money to buy from them so I thought, hey why not run home and grab a couple buckaroos? I did so, but they were gone when I got back. Sad day... I was ready to make their day. More homework, followed by a bowl of cereal and an orange for dinner and then campaigners. Laurel is now here, currently sitting on my bed after turning pruny in the hot tub. I seriously love her so much! It's almost 12:00 on a school night and we can't stop laughing. Oh goodness, goodnight everyone!

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Casey Singleton said...

never regret the cookies!