Friday, April 23, 2010

Worship & Coffee

The last 24 hours have pretty much all run together to form a completely wonderful day. The sound of boys singing and the smell of breakfast woke me from my short little morning nap. We sat out on the back porch with coffee in hand (thank you James!) and sang some worship in the frigid morning air. Before long, it was time to get back on the road so Laurel and I could make it to a little bit of school today. I managed to make it in time for my intern and I, half awake, folded paper for an hour and a half. Rather pointless of a day but hey, my absences can't add up if I'm actually present. Arriving home I was looking forward to a shower and nap but only the shower happened. I got sucked into uploading photos to facebook, of course, and doing other mindless things that wasted by precious sleeping time. Then came the training for Royal Family Kids Camp which was 3.5 hours long. I have never tried so hard to keep my eyes open while sitting in a chair listening to someone talk. I won a door prize though, a Royal Family Kids Camp pillow case! Yes! I also had to turn the music up as loud as it would go and sing at the top of my lungs in order to keep my truck on the road and my eye lids from closing during my journey home. Sleep will be close to the feeling of heaven tonight... Mmm goodnight everyone!

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