Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is how my kitty sleeps a lot of the time.

I have to wash all of these cups! My mom was doing it for me. You can tell she's thrilled! ;)

My dad got home this afternoon! He brought me a sweet Jeep t-shirt. In Moab, Colorado they have a huge 4 by festival where there are just tons of big 4 by vehicles. I probably would have loved it! He also got me some really awesome tribal socks! We went for a walk and he told my mom and I lots of stories! It really sounded like he had a great time!

Girls night at Erwin's house, plus Tommy and Billy. We watched Dear John, had some great laughs and spent some quality time with friends I haven't been around in such a long time. I sure do miss them. It breaks my heart that we've grown apart and yet we're going away to separate colleges, meaning we'll only grow further apart. It's crazy how friendships can come and go. Demie had some pretty great quotes tonight... one of them being: "Having sex and making love are two completely different things." Oh yea Dem? How so? And according to everyone, I'm going to get married young.. possibly while in college. That could be alright with me, I just need to find myself mr. wonderful.

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