Saturday, May 15, 2010

hot, hot, hot.

Yes, that is what I'd like to say. Hot! It could be used to describe so many things but for now the topic is the weather! I have been waiting months for the moment I walk out of my house and immediately start sweating. It has finally arrived!

Gregg Dunn and I climbed badger mountain this morning. Upon arriving at the crossroad between taking the familiar trail or the new one, we settled for the new trail since neither of us had taken it before. It was pretty easy walking until the last 5 minutes which were a straight uphill incline. We had some good conversation and I worked up a good sweat. Mission accomplished!

I found the shower to be a very refreshing couple of minutes and then Karli and I went garage sale-ing. Apparently it was like national have a yard sale day because they were everywhere. Note to self... don't wait until 12:30 and expect to find some good finds. Most everyone was putting their things away but I managed to walk away with a free easel and a $2 camel pack.

We hit up a few stores in hopes of finding some cute dresses but failed that one. So, we headed up to the Johnston's for some volleyball and swimming. It was very refreshing and I even think I got a little color today.

My parents re-planted and added bark to the flowerbed in our backyard so I sat outside on the deck with a blanket and my lap top and worked on a paper while they slaved away on the yard. It was perfect sitting in the shade and enjoying the lovely temperature.

Pizza hut for dinner and then Karli came over with the movie Leap Year. It is such a cute movie... definitely one of my all time favorites. I wouldn't mind moving to Ireland and falling in love with an attractive Irishman either ;)

I seriously think I have a mild case of that disease where you fall asleep without any reason. Sometimes I just can't keep my eyes open and then I'm struggling to do everything I can to stay awake. Ugh, so frustrating!

I met a girl who’s a lot like me
She double knots her shoes and wants to live by the sea
She don’t talk much and that’s ok by me
I still write a lot of songs about her

Baby walk with me on Sunset Blvd
We’ll watch this devil city fall apart
We were lost here from the start
But that’s just who we are on Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Blvd. - Tyler Hilton

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