Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Friday

Last Friday of high school, ever!

A downpour of torrential status visited us today. There were literally buckets of water falling from the sky.

I was doing tae bo in my room when Eric called and said he'd be outside in a few minutes so we could go watch state tennis at the court club. I was pretty sweaty but I agreed and ran out in the rain to greet him. Traveling down the road a little ways we found a lake in the middle of the road. It was so much fun driving through it the first time, spraying water high into the air, we drove through it twice!

We drove past a car that had wheels that belonged on a wheel-barrow. This produced lots of laughs and we couldn't help but stare!

Karli came over and we watched Dear John with my mama, while making our bookmarks for our children in school. Karli sat and cut out letters for me. She's the best!

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