Saturday, June 12, 2010

good day

My alarm went off at 7:00, I picked Eric up and we headed to Howard Amon park for the Young Life fun run. 3.2 miles later and we were a sweaty mess! It was a pretty great run though. Eric would take off in a dead sprint and walk back to me, haha. It spiced things up a bit. We hit up Some Bagels and then the estate sale next door. I was the happiest girl alive.. I walked out with four cameras!

- One Step Close Up 600 Film Polaroid Camera - $4
- One Step Plus Q-Light Land Polaroid Camera - $4
- GMTEX GT-304 Film Camera - $3
- Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 Film Camera - $5

Eric bought me the Kodak camera because he thought it was so cool. He is so sweet. He said it would be my graduation present.

When I got home my sister and I just stood in the kitchen for quite some time and ate leftovers from last night. Pasta salad, pita chips and brownies.. um yea, delicious! I sat on her bed while she attempted to make a dent in cleaning and going through everything in her room. There is honestly not one inch on her floor that isn't covered in something. I always get some good clothes out of that experience! I attempted to work on some thank you cards. I believe I completed around seven before I was sound asleep.

Tonight was the first of many truck laying, sunset watching evenings. Laurel and I piled mountains of blankets and pillows into the back and hit up our favorite spot. It sounds like a romantic date but it's more of who can have the gnarliest fart and dancing so the people in their backyards think we are crazy.

Once it got dark and we were afraid of creepos we headed to Aaron's where we played some fun games, sat around a bonfire and met new friends.

Another insanely wonderful day of summer :)

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