Sunday, June 13, 2010

time goes so fast...

First of all I can't believe it's already June thirteenth.
Every day of this year has just flown by!
God has shown me some amazing things though so I can't complain.
It's been a journey worth while.

I picked Laurel up for church. We were both wearing our new outfits. Mine being my strapless, blue romper and Laurel sporting the pink-ish salmon colored summer dress. We hit up the Young Life car wash... the truck needed a washing. It was fun to see everyone out enjoying the sun. Walking over to Albertsons I pushed Laurel in one of those car carts. The ones made for 3 year olds :)

We debated over the FRESH mozzarella I was supposed to bring to discipleship . We settled on the regular kind that comes in the bag already shredded and later found out that was the wrong choice. It was for caprese salad which calls for chunks of cheese. Who knew?

We then headed to Laurel's house to sunbathe. We grabbed blankets, chips & salsa and drinks and headed to the back yard. Laurel's cat ended up drinking most of her milk and then puked it up on the patio. She's going to kill me for posting this picture but it was part of my day so I'm going to just do it anyway!

Venturing to my house we worked on thank you cards. I couldn't considerate and got up and did something after each card. Maybe that explains why I only have 15 done. Only somewhere around 100 more. More tattoos took place. We now sport "power" and "sexy" Chinese tattoos located on the shoulder blades.

Sam's graduation party was next. He is such an awesome friend! We didn't stay for long but long enough to look at all of his photos from over the years. What a cute boy he was and what a nice young man he has become.

The Laureano's was next. Us girls made dinner for the boys. My job was to make pesto and cook the noodles. Laurel and I threw the noodles on the ceiling to make sure they were ready. They stuck so therefore they were in fact ready! Awesome bible study followed.. Erwin pretty much summed everything up by telling us that we should think about our future and what we want it to be like. Apparently according to everyone I'm still going to be the first one married.

The sun started to go down so we headed over to the Renard's to sit on the roof and watch it. Eric helped me get on the roof, haha. What an experience. It was so peaceful up there. Nothing quite like a summer night.

Jesse (the boy) is in town for the weekend so Laurel and I headed over to the Ward's to hang out for a bit. We arrived to find everyone sitting around a fire on the back porch. Kevin whipped out a "would you rather" book so some interesting topics came about. When the lady next door threatened us with a phone call to the cops we restored to the living room. Some more discussion and then it was time to go. Some of us still have curfews.

Sadly, I don't have a picture from the event.

This is what a summer day should be like: relaxing and doing random, fun things.

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Casey Singleton said...

Ha, I do the same spaghetti trick. Good stuff! Erwin's casa has the best view!