Friday, June 18, 2010

more to come...

So, I've just had a second to sit down... Laurel and I returned form our road trip to Spokane. It was incredibly fun and tons of amazing memories took place! I finally got packed for Royal Family Kids Camp and I'm leaving early tomorrow morning. I will post my blogs from the road trip and post pictures on facebook when I return and I'll have a week's worth of camp posts to do also! I really could use some prayer this week. I'm going to have the privilege of being a counselor to foster children and I can't thank Jesus enough for this opportunity. I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week!

So, here I am..

Going back a week and writing about Friday! The beginning of an awesome road trip. The first independent, college kid road trip! Laurel and I headed out with the truck packed and windows down. We were ready for success and it was just that!

- Looking ahead with no time constraints, no parents, no rules. Lovely.
- Mochas in hand, sunglasses, hair flying in the wind, singing our favorite songs.
- Laurel strapped Mort (the cactus) between us. Every time one of us moved our arms he got us.
- We had two coolers, and a grocery bag of muddy buddies to keep us happy.
- First stop: the first exit in Ritzville. It took us to an interesting second hand bike restoration shop. We had lunch in the pick-up in the parking lot.
- Visited a grocery store for the bathroom. The lady escorted us to the very back of the store but that didn't stop me.
- We surprised Jesse on his door step. He showed us around downtown Spokane. We had giant cups of chai tea and played on the wagon slide in the park.
- Cooked our own mac-and-cheese in the back of my truck. It tasted so good!
- Headed to the Schlects for the night. They are such a loving family. I felt right at home.
- Played some tennis before bed.

First day of our road trip = wonderful times with my best friend.

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