Saturday, June 19, 2010

summer times

We woke up to find the Schlect family prepping for their son's graduation party so Laurel and I got ready and quickly headed out for some garage sales. Not finding a whole lot we decided the mall would have some good stuff so Grethen (the GPS) helped us on our way. Some money spent and a couple hours later we both had some good finds. We changed our clothes in the parking lot of the mall and headed out to the graduation party. It was supposedly out in the valley... but it was way out in the valley. We got frustrated and almost turned around without going to the party. Gretchen couldn't even find it and we were low on gas. It happened to be only a couple yards up the road and walking in we felt a little out of place since we only knew about 5 people. But, Laurel got to meet some people she'll be going to school with next year so it turned out okay. We ate some good food and then we were on our way. We couldn't help but stop in the grass fields on our way back home. They were beautiful.. quite different from our desert fields. I let laurel drive my truck for parts of the way. I was surprised at how well she handled the sucker. But I mean it's Laurel.. she's great at everything she does :) We both decided that more road trips are in store. They are just too fun to not take. Once I got home, my parents and I went to Matt's graduation party for a bit and then I packed for camp!

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