Sunday, July 11, 2010

6:15 day

I opened my eyes at 6:15 and that was the beginning of my day. I crawled out of my sleeping bag, slipped on my poncho and was welcomed by the cool, crisp air of the woods. I attempted to make a fire because I was a little bit chilly but failed that task. I tried for a good 30 minutes but gave up. I sat in my backpack chair and had a good time with God instead. He showed me some pretty cool things.

Go away! You are unclean! People cry to them. "Away! Away! Don't touch us!" When they flee and wander about, people among the nation say, "They can stay here no longer."
Lamentations 4:15

As I was reading that verse the sun began to shine directly in my face from between two trees. I believe that God was reminding me that even though the world is full of darkness and sin there is happiness as well. He saves and he shines his light on those dark places in the world. It also reminded me that I am a light for him.. that I can be a light to the unclean and the ones who are told to "flee". Through Jesus I can show them compassion and a better way of life. I can show them hope and a love like none other.

Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race. Everyone lies to their neighbor; they flatter with their lips but harbor deception in their hearts.
Psalm 12:1-2

Doesn't that make you want to do better? To be better? It makes me sad to think about how true that verse is.. our world has turned into a simply corrupted place so doesn't that make you want to be different? To be a faithful servant, a loyal friend, only allowing truth to escape your lips and hold compassion and love in you hearts? I know for me, that makes me want to be different.

It was three hours before anyone else woke up. I attempted to keep myself busy but I did get a little bit bored. Once the other girls emerged from the tent, Karyn made us french toast for breakfast. We then drove a little ways down the road and hiked through a cave. It was honestly one of the scariest things I've done in a long time. We didn't have any flash lights and the cave was pitch dark. I had my camera so I used the flash to light the way. It was a challenge and one of the most memorable things from the whole trip! We hung around the campsite for the majority of the day and then started packing things up. Laurel splashed water on my face to wake me up while driving. I kept getting really tired and it was hard to keep my eyes open. It was actually really scary so I made Laurel drive the rest of the way home. I slept most of the way back.

All in all, camping was tons of fun and I'm so happy to have the friends that I do. We came from four different schools yet God brought us all together to share a beautiful friendship.

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