Saturday, July 10, 2010


We packed up the vehicles and Karyn, Belen, Jenna, Natalie, Laurel and I were on the road headed to Bumping Lake for a night of camping and many adventures. The scenery on the way up was beautiful.. a world full of trees, water and beautifully shaped clouds. We stopped at a fruit stand and bought some cherries. They were oh so delicious! Once we got to our campsite we struggled getting the tent up but a good 30 minutes later it was tall and sturdy. The neighbor with the mullet surly got some good entertainment. We had some lunch and made our way down to the lake to do some floating. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Laurel and I got our own little canoe and Karyn finally let us take off our baby life jackets only if we promised not to fall in. We roasted some hot dogs on the fire, added a little onion cream cheese to the bun and wala! I'm not a fan of hot dogs but hey, we were camping. It was almost a necessity. Smores were next and then it got dark so what did I do? I fell asleep in my backpack chair. It was perfect. Laurel shared her blow up mattress with me and before I knew it I woke up on a rocky, cold floor but I'm not complaining. That's what camping is all about and every part of it added to the experience.

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