Thursday, July 15, 2010


I layed in bed a little bit longer than I should have this morning. When I finally rolled out of my comfy hole I put a head band in my messy hair and went to lunch with Nick Opitz. He's been going to school in Indiana and has been back for the summer so it was nice to sit and chat with him for a while. I drug him into Payless since it was next door to Quiznos and he made me put on one of those converse boots. He got a good laugh out of that and I found a bunch of cute shoes that I'd like to have. What's new?

The neighbor's dog has been mysteriously getting out of their backyard and my mom keeps finding it running around so it's been staying at our house while the owners are at work. They just moved here so we don't know them quite yet but the guy's name is Mark Clark and his girlfriend is Sandy See. Kinda funny I thought. Bailey is the dog's name and he's a boy. He's such a sweet thing. I don't mind hanging out with him.

I went swimming again today and my tan improved! A little relaxation time and then I finished Jennifer and Austin's senior pictures. We didn't quite make it to our second location last night so the fountain was the place tonight.

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