Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today was the church BBQ in the park and I've never seen so many people at Howard Amon before. Tons of people got baptized in the river which was really awesome. Gregg's band played their first little gig and I took a few pictures of them in action. They sounded great. I believe they just changed their band name to Same Time Yesterday. It will be cool to see them succeed! I had a couple pieces of water melon, a cookie and two homemade ice cream cones for dinner. Pretty solid, I know.

Poor Andrew has something terribly wrong with his eye. It's all red and swollen and he can't open it very well so I was his taxi for the night. We went to feed Senora's cat who never comes out of the bush except for me. We rented Remember Me from the red box and it was kind of a bust. I fell asleep and Andrew couldn't open his eyes to even watch it. I don't know how it ended. All I know is that it's an overall sad movie. Not one I'd really recommend.

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