Monday, July 19, 2010

things to do.

- Jog around the neighborhood.
- Shower.
- Picked up Andrew and took him to the eye doctor.
- Went to get his eye drops.
- Stopped by Barnes & Noble and the food court.
- Came home to edit pictures while Andrew napped next to me. Josie napped with him.

- Said goodbye to Josie. (My aunt had a stray cat adopt their family and she became pregnant. This little orange, adorable kitty needed a home so my aunt brought her over. My dad wasn't home and when he did get home he didn't like the idea one bit so she went back :( I miss her already.)

Now it's band picture time! Same Time Yesterday is their name. Gregg, Garrett, Matt and Curtis. I think I laughed more than I took pictures.

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Katie said...

Love the pictures!