Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy fourth of july.

Church was really great this morning. It was all about having a humble heart and having a child like faith. Children don't look at people with status's. They are simply curious to know and care for people. Every human should strive to be more like a child, in this sense of course.

I put on my red, white and blue attire and headed over to Matt's house for lunch with Andrew, Matt, Amy and Craig. We then watched a couple episodes of Lost. I'm obsessed now. Laurel will be happy :) Matt's two brothers are in the band, Run From Cover, so we went down to the river to watch them perform. The band who used to be called Chase and the Reach played and then Andrew Belle performed. They are simply amazing and my new favorite.

Once it got dark we found a place right on the river to watch the fireworks. I really enjoy fireworks so I loved it.


Katie said...

What in the world?
Who are the "brothers" in Run From Cover that you watched?

jessi said...

Matt's two brothers, Jeff and Andrew Luttrell.