Friday, July 9, 2010


Life is just good. I have been blessed with so many things. Let's start out with saying that I've been blessed with wonderful, amazing friends. I spent the morning with the absolutely lovely Phillips family. We went to a rummage sale.. I found a pearl necklace and a frame for my ideas of putting them to use while taking senior pictures. They are such a classy family that loves to yard sale and let me tell you, they know how to find the good stuff. We then went to Starbucks and had a great time just sitting and talking.

Later tonight we went to the Red Room to see a show. It was amazing. The Frazer Wambeke Trio was the main show and Beau Stephenson was the opener. They are some seriously talented guys!

Breanna and I went for a walk around my neighborhood and talked some more. We attempted some night photos under the street light. Overall, a very lovely summer day. I have a great life :)

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